News of Kattyval multi-breed kennel

Hungary, Kecskemet

Our trip to Hungarian Dog Show (3x FCI CACIB Kecskemet, Hungary) is finished. And our modest results are here:
Blue Elk Orange Fantasy Kattyval "Fanta"
3×CAC, 2×BOS
Blue Elk Sweet Toffee Kattyval "Toffee"
Blue Elk's Red Headed Stranger "Willy",
Ale Nighting Spirit Kattyval "Comaro"
Australian Shepherd
Caramel With Salt Kattyval "Stefania"
CAC, r. CACIB, 2xExcellent/2
Our big thanks to Groschl Ferenc, Gabriela Ridarcikova, Muzslai Ildiko for strict professional judging
Groomer, helper and handler is Наталья Каправчук
Many thanks Renate Agterberg for company and friendly support
and a strong competitor
And Gedeon Tanya Panzio for a comfortable stay
we had a huge fenced area where our dogs could run around and have a great rest