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Australian shepherd
There is an opinion that the Australian Shepherd (or Aussie) is a descendant of herding dogs that arrived in America at the beginning of the 19th century in search of a better life. But experienced dog breeders believe that this breed has already appeared in the United States as a result of crossing Bernese and Pyrenean shepherds, as well as Scottish shepherds (collies). The result was a dog with a strong build, a rounded muzzle, and long, but not very smooth, wool. Despite the attractive appearance, American owners of ranches and farms appreciated something else - a sharp mind, vigilance and careful work with the herd.

An Aussie can drive a whole herd in a matter of minutes without harming a single animal, except for a bit of a bite to give it speed. Thanks to such fine and clean work, the Australian Shepherd became famous all over the world and its selection did not stop, because it was this kind of puppy that all American farmers wanted.

Towards the second half of the 20th century, Australian Shepherds became even more popular due to the active development of rodeos. They performed between races, performing various tricks and tricks. The breed was officially registered in 1958. Today it is a very popular pet in many families around the world.


The Australian Shepherd is a very active, energetic, cheerful and agile dog. As for relationships with others, the Australian Shepherd is initially wary of strangers. Otherwise, it is a kind, family dog, lenient towards other pets, loyal to children.

However, it should be taken into account that the Australian Shepherd is very playful and sociable, it cannot stand being alone and requires constant attention from its owner.

Training and upbringing

Aussies are classified as intelligent breeds that are easy to train. They study attentively and obediently, grasping new information on the fly. It is necessary to teach the commands of Australian Shepherd puppies from childhood. This process is not difficult, because the breed is characterized by learnability and friendliness. The dog seeks to please its owner, so it always follows his instructions. In addition to training, it is necessary to provide the pet with a sufficient amount of rest.

It is advisable to accustom him to a constant daily routine so that he always knows what you expect from him.

Care and maintenance

Caring for an Australian Shepherd should include, first of all, providing comfortable living conditions. Ideally, representatives of this breed should live in a house with a spacious yard. Since the Aussie has a fairly dense woolen coat, they easily get used to even the most severe frosts.

So that the dog is not interested in your furniture and wallpaper, find something for him to do, at least ask him to bring a newspaper or slippers. Like any other dog, the Australian Shepherd needs to regularly trim its claws, inspect its eyes and ears, and special care is needed, except for the wool. You can feed both natural food and dry food, the main thing is that the diet is balanced.

Hair care

The Aussie has a long thick coat that needs good care - cut the long hair on the ears, between the toes, and cut the tail short. The rest of the wool can be easily cleaned and combed, usually every week, and more often during the shedding period. A metal brush with fine teeth and a wide comb is suitable for combing. It penetrates deep into the coat, weakening the undercoat and removing the hair that has fallen out. It is also advisable to periodically take the Australian Shepherd to a professional groomer.

How to choose a puppy

It is necessary to choose an Australian Shepherd puppy not based on a photo, but in person, so that you have the opportunity to examine both the pet itself and the place where it lives. Observe whether the enclosure is clean, how its parents look and behave, and what is the behavior of the puppies themselves. They should be active, play, show curiosity. Make sure that the chosen puppy is clear-eyed, clean and well-fed, and there is no discharge in the ears. With proper care and a sufficient amount of physical work, the Australian shepherd will delight your family with a wonderful character and eternal loyalty!
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